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Symtoms of Colon Cancer
Bloating, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding or the appearance of blood in the stool could be a sign of colon cancer. The blood is usually dark colored, but there is also fresh. Alert in the event of changes in bowel pattern, such as diarrhea or constipation for no apparent reason
1. Eat a balanced diet. -Makanan seimbang
Fruits and vegetables lower your risk of colon cancer as does a high fiber diet. Animal fats like red meat increase your risk of colon cancer. A new study shows whole grains such as barley, buckwheat, quinoa and whole wheat lower your risk.
2. Watch your weight.- Perhatian terhadap berat badan.
Although obese men are at more risk for colon cancer than obese women, being obese increases the colon cancer risk for everyone. The shape of your body also matters; a person with a thicker waist (apple shape) has a higher rate of colon cancer risk than a person with extra fat in her thighs or hips (pear shaped).
3. Stay active - Kekal aktif 
Exercising reduces colon cancer risk by as much as 40 percent. Of course, exercise also reduces your risk of other risk factors for colon cancer, like obesity and diabetes.
4. Know your genetic risk - Mengetahui risiko genetik/keturunan anda.
Some people have an increased risk of colon cancer due to genetic mutations. Talk with your doctor about genetic counseling.
5. Find out your family medical history - Mengetahui sejarah keluarga perubatan anda

Knowing your family medical history can save your life. A family history of stomach, liver, and bone cancer may also put you at increased risk for colon cancer.
6. Discuss your personal medical history - Bincang sejarah perubatan anda dengan   doktor.
Time with the doctor is often limited, but be sure to discuss your personal medical history. Believe me, your doctor wants and needs to know your medical history, so tell him or her. Make sure they know if you have a history of polyps, certain cancers, or chronic inflammation of the bowel, all of which increase your colon cancer risk.
7. Don’t smoke - Jangan merokok
You know smoking increases your risk of lung cancer. It’s also a risk factor for colon cancer. Tobacco smoke that’s inhaled or swallowed carries carcinogens to the colon. Studies suggest that tobacco increases polyp size. One more reason not to smoke.
8. Reduce radiation exposure - Mengurangkan pendedahan radiasi
The world we live in is full of low amounts of radiation coming from the soil, radon, electronics and airplane travel. Medical x-rays like dental, mammograms and chest x-rays have fairly low radiation but others like a barium enema or a CT scan are higher. Although radiation from airport scanners is supposed to be low, I travel a lot and insist on getting pat downs instead of going through the scanners. Time will tell if this is necessary or not. But for now, I’m skipping the airport scanners.
9. Berjumpa doktor jika anda mengalami masalah  atau keadan seperti ini :   

thin stools - Najis tidak normal/kecil/sedikit
cramping - Kekejangan 
unexplained weight loss - Kehilangan berat badan yg tidak dapat dijelaskan
bloody stools - Najis berdarah

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